General Artist Position.

In the studio I use the construction site as a metaphorical place of power, wreckage, and renewal where the construction worker becomes the generator of existence. In the process of building and creating, a builder addresses questions of force, tension, durability, relationship, aesthetics, perfection, compromise, and feasibility. These built structures take many forms but whether they be performance, sculpture, painting or installations they are all an extension of a quest for answers; a pursuit of the universal. 

What does it mean to be human and connected to the world around us? My work reflects this search for connection to something greater than ourselves. It is a creative practice rooted in dialectical process dependent on the exchange of meaning between others and myself. This work is framed within an examination of the body and masculinity. It has no separation from personal lived experience. These creations are infused with ritual, ceremony, and the sacred. They are dreams of love, reconciliation, and transformation. Somewhere between universality and individuality lies a vessel we all drink from; a body which contains us all. In my work I continue to search for this vessel.