Apart of the Washing Hands Project. Video. 2017. This body of work focuses on hand washing interactions using salts, charcoal, lye, and water. The claimed "dirty" water is then used to form Crystal paintings.  

The Husband and Wife. From the Washing Hands Project. 2017.  Each piece 10" x 10." Magnesium Sulfate, Borax, Calcium Carbonate, 

Song Of Myself. 2017. Video. Music by Godspeed You Black Emperor. 

5 Day Fast: My Theses on Art. Documentation Footage of the performance. 


On April 12th, as the sun began to set on the grounds of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, I stepped into a vitrine and began a five day fast. While inside I wrote a series of papers that I titled ‘My Theses on Art,’ on a Remington Rand Typewriter. These writings act as my manifestos on art and life. I constructed the vitrine out of acrylic, shat- tered glass, steel, and wood. The space was restrictive to mobility, and with temperatures in the mid 70’s the box acted like a greenhouse during the day, making it upwards of 90 degrees at times. The heat and discomfort were the most challenging aspects of this performance.

I envisioned the performance as an experience within the body alongside the relationship of the ‘other’ and the ‘self.’ Endurance, sacrifice, and interdependence are the major themes in this work. During the fast I was visible to spectators through panels of broken glass, but I was seperated from them. I felt both cut off from the world and connected to the world.

On Sunday, at sunset, at the end of the 120 hours in the box, I finally crawled out through the floor. I had asked my aunt to bring loaves of bread to share with people who would show up to see me re-enter the world. Once I got my feet underneath me we broke bread and gave all the loaves away. During the performance, even at night, I never felt privacy. I never felt like I had gone off stage. The entire time I was both sustained by others, and drained by others. It was its own aesthetic system of degradation and


Broken Loop. 2016. Video / Performed Sculpture. 

A group of objects are placed in relationship to one another and set in working motion to convey how all things are connected. Following after philosophers of the last 100 years this work meditates on a theme; that cultural constructs of power and hierarchy are arbitrary. Universal constructs within physics and objects possess the only real truths and meanings in our world. In other words, politics are an inferior class to the physical realm. Politics are inferior to art.

A Case To Hold Your Hopes and Dreams. Video / Experiment /  Performed Sculpture. Broken safety glass inside a glass case.  

Dimensions of Case: approx. 60”w x 50”h x 12”d

*A glass box was loaded with broken glass and construction debris to the point breakage.  The work was completed by striking the glass with a hammer and spilling its contents. 


Something To Hold Onto Until The Wind Carries Us Away

Image: Public Art Work Still

*This project occurred during Northern Spark 2015 at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Participants were invited to write messages on strips of red fabric and then tie these to a chain link archway.

Sculpture” 9’h x 6’w x 6’d


In Balance

Image of Sculpture: Unfinished Door, Cables, Electric Winch, Winch Strap, Rigging Hardware, Balsam Fir.

Dimensions: 30’w x 5’h x 7’d

After Deleuze: Body and Object / Grass and Leg

Image of Installation. Plaster female leg adorned with Miscanthus flame grass, glass jar, antique ironing board, antique fan, two video displays of time manipulated imagery of miscanthus flame grass in native element and woman's leg. 

Dimensions: approx. 12’w x 12’d x 7’h


Crush On You

Image: Performance Stills. Before and After.

*Performed sculpture, performed by Nick Rivers and Eric Yevak. Documented by Robert Gooding. Interrogative transformation of a physical and metaphorical container. Container constructed of windshields and construction lumber. Suspended by cables and mechanical winches. 

Dimensions: 9’w x 5’h x 4’d