I've been told by many and thought to believe in balance all my life: personal balance and global balance. now I begin to question the methodology supporting this. realistically i probably always have because it is my nature; though now what i begin to believe is that the universe is in constant balance and constant change and vibration. i always love the quote; "nicholas tesla perceived the earth as a conductor of acoustical harmony." I know some people think this sound could somehow get out of tune, that we could put it out of balance. But I just dont know if that is true, or righteous, arrogant, or misguided. I believe in stewardship of the earth and respect of all its creatures, but when a rabbit collides with my tire i will give tobacco, i will give thanks, and i will accept the journey and the change in energy. 

it is a constant flow....

balance is synonymous with existence. it is a non qualitative term. the perceptions we subscribe to are being infiltrated by the world around us and the world around us is our model for what is the polymorphic social status-quo.

the artist is a contradiction to this convention. i am not in balance but i am in harmony, as we all are.... perfect in our imperfect selves. the cloth of a dream wrapped within a dream.