I fell into you like a fever

The moon fell on my shoulders

There was a tertiary stone buried in our stomachs

-a synchronous vibrancy in waves

My heart sweats

My palms are pulsing from your blood

You hid me inside of you

There I was

 beside you

You were beside me…

Your thighs tucked closely to mine.

I was beside you

You were beside me

I fell into you

You were beside me like verses 

of Shakespeare mirroring a dance

I fell into you like a fever

As the salt earth waned between

The oceans of your elegies

 I love the costumes you wear

And I can taste them on your lips;

The ones who die beside you

While your lapel keeps these records of love

I turn beside you

You turn beside me

I turn to share the night

And your voice runs through my throat