Greetings friends, colleagues, and professionals, I hope you are well! I wanted to share what I've been up to and let you know about a performance coming up in a few weeks! I am soon to complete my Masters In Fine Arts as an Inter-disciplinary artist and as a part of my thesis project to close out my time at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, I've decided to do a unique performance. I will be fasting for 5 days in a glass vitrine container. During this time I will write something of a personal art manifesto... what I am calling my "Theses on Art."

I felt inspired to do this piece because of other endurance artists such as David Blaine, Matthew Barney, Joseph Beuys, Ana Mendieta, and Chris Burden. These artists sought out something spiritual and profound, pushing themselves into uncomfortable places as a way to create profound experiences. By fasting and writing in a glass sculpture I've built, I hope to follow in these artists' footsteps. Please stop by to observe this experience.

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Nick Rivers @ MCAD Presents: 5 Day Fast [My Theses on Art] A durational performance on the grounds of MCAD April 12th - April 17th Sunset - Sunset

Nick Rivers. 2016 MFA Candidate

On Tuesday April 12th, as the sun begins to set, and outside on the grounds of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Nick Rivers will begin a five day fast inside a vitrine. Why? To feel something ‘greater than’ in the body, mind, and spirit. The box he will occupy for these five days is 3’x3’x6’ constructed of shattered glass, steel, and lumber.. While inside the artist will write his 'Theses on Art' following in the style of Wittgenstein's 1921 Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.


Five Day Fast is a part of the artist’s continued exploration of experience within the body alongside the relationship between other and self. Endurance, sacrifice, and interdependence are themes in River’s work. During Five Day Fast the artist will be visible through panels of broken glass, but isolated from the outside world. While he writes, meditates, and contemplates, people may observe his experience, reflect on time, and consider their own experiences as part of a greater whole.

At sunset, On Sunday, at 8:01 pm, Nick Rivers will conclude his Five Day Fast. Please consider stopping by the main lawn of MCAD’s campus between Tuesday April 12th and Sunday April 17th. After the fasting, documentation of the performance, including Nick Rivers’ 'My Theses on Art', will be a part of MCAD’s MFA Thesis Exhibition Show. The opening reception of the thesis exhibition will take place the evening of May 13th, 2016. A limited number of copies of My Theses on Art will be available to the public during the opening reception. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.



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