Object and Form(Grass and Leg): Videos with Sculpture  
Pick up the pieces and put them together. Ideas are objects in collision with one another. Pick up the pieces. Put them together. Make up a story. No-thing more.  
How can I challenge the notion of an object? This is my fascination. As a visual artist my interest is in making objects and presenting them in spaces to create abstract narratives. Technology, nature, allegory, symbolism and the subconscious are woven together in this work. I’m interested in the relations between physical things and theoretical things. No-thing less.  
 This work pushes my understanding of what it means to be a thing. Where is the essence of the thing? In the sculpture and videos of Object and Form (Grass and Leg), I posed a simple question to myself and invite the viewer to do the same: how do two objects, in this case grasses and a mannequin leg, interact with one another and at what moment do they become one thing? I wanted to see the delicate grass overtake this mannequin form. I wanted to see how the form of a woman’s leg could be obscured, withdrawn and covered by another object. The grass has taken the form of the leg. The construction of the grass is governed by its relationship to the form of the leg. I like this idea. I like it very much. I like this relationship between object and form. No-thing else.