Body & Object :(torso/bird/impression) : Sculptures  
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.   (torso/bird/impression) is two sculptures. Maybe it’s three sculptures. Maybe it’s one  piece. Maybe it’s three pieces. Maybe this is a multitude of drops assembled to make an ocean.  You gaze in one direction you will see two stone impressions of a male torso. They’ve been  stained with white paint. Gaze the other direction you will see the male torso. It’s been adorned  with wire and paper birds… about 600 of them.You scan the edges of your perception and  deconstruct the experience. Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you don’t care about this at all. And  that’s ok too.   So, this is the paper designed to tell you something poignant and useful about the  artwork. I’d prefer to politely decline, but one must make a record of all this making, mustn’t  one. Maybe I should remain factual, objective, and literal in my remarks. Maybe I should attempt  to win each of your hearts and minds, maybe I could buy your love. Could I buy your opinion?  Can I sell you mine?       Do any of these words really matter? You’ve already begun to populate the objects with  your narrative. You look at them and create your meanings. Your subjective gaze was born long  before you entered this room, long before you read this page. These precious little moments are  strung together like little birds on a wire. They fly into this moment. They fly beyond this  moment. All your little pieces have been packed inside your body and now they’re ready to  explode.  Ideas are objects in collision with one another. These two sculptures collide with one  another. The concrete rests, dead like weighted bodies at the bottom of ocean. The torso is  surrounded and swarmed. Look close at these birds. Try to fix upon one of them. Try to hold a  gaze on one little “bird moment.” Can it exist without the rest? Maybe it all exists  simultaneously.     I wanted to construct these pieces to explore the relationship between the body and the  object. I wanted to relate the “body” to an object which was reproduced in great multitudes. The  copy of a copy. In this way, the object transcends into hyper object. I cast this torso in 420lbs of  concrete so that the visual inflection of the “form” might resonate between the static moment and  the dynamic moment. I look at these pieces and feel a vibration.